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Ranbir Kapoor’s massive transformation for an ad shoot

Ranbir Kapoor’s massive transformation as a female character for an ad shoot will leave you awestruck.

Ranbir Kapoor prefers to stay away from social media, but his admirers and fan groups do everything they can to hype him up. While Ranbir is yet to return to the big screen with his next film, he has been in a number of ads on television. Ranbir recently underwent a complete transformation to assume the part of a girl in one such ad.

Ranbir had to go through a lengthy makeup and prosthetics procedure in order to look the part. The actor pulled off the look flawlessly, from his brows and hair to his nails. Preetisheel Singh Dsouza, a cosmetics and prosthetic artist, posted a video of Ranbir’s metamorphosis on Instagram.