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Sara Ali Khan transforms into an extraordinary lady of the hour as she plays muse for Manish Malhotra’s Nooraniyat

Pro Bollywood creator Manish Malhotra is good to go to feature his most recent assortment, Nooraniyat with his dream Sara Ali Khan in a scope of trendy bling, dynamic and unpredictable determination of marriage variety this season.

The assortment rouses a feeling of memory and reflects upon the transient idea of time. It goes through an assorted range of textures, colors, outlines that sways between the old-world formal attire and the advanced collection.

Remarking on the experience of shooting the video, Sara says, “Manish is the coolest, generally certifiable, cherishing, and caring individual I’ve at any point known, and the whole group was exceptional, so involved. Everyone was so included, and I had a fabulous time while going for this assortment. We as a whole teamed up in each part of the shoot. We ate a ton of mouth-watering treats of Jaipur, and I couldn’t imagine anything better than to do everything over again in a beat.”