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Shah Rukh Khan to film Tiger 3 in Mumbai for 7 days in April with Salman Khan

We were all surprised when Aditya Chopra put Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan in the all-time hit movie Pathaan together. Pathaan was a huge hit because it starred two of the biggest stars in the history of Indian cinema. People loved their swagger and friendship on screen and gave them a lot of love. This move also started the now-famous YRF Spy Universe. Two superspies, SRK as Pathaan and Salman as Tiger, crossed paths and showed the world that all these brutal mercenaries are also good friends in the spy universe’s timeline. But YRF hasn’t told anyone about their past until now. Salman hinted in Pathaan that he was going on a dangerous mission and might need SRK’s help. We now can verify that SRK will shoot for 7 days for a huge action scene in Tiger 3 that is sure to keep people on the edge of their seats.

The news that Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan will work on a movie together in April 2023 came out in February 2023. The source also said, “Shah Rukh will start filming for Tiger 3 by the end of April. The filming is likely to take place in Mumbai.” Details about this shoot are now being kept secret, but when the two large spies meet once more in Tiger 3, expect fireworks. Salman told SRK in Pathaan that he was heading on a very important mission, during which Pathaan would meet Tiger.

SRK will now start filming at the end of April 2023. “When Pathaan and Tiger fulfill in the next YRF Spy Universe movie, Tiger 3, expect the unexpected! People loved seeing SRK and Salman in Pathaan together, and they’ll be excited to see what Aditya Chopra as well as director Maneesh Sharma have planned for Pathaan as well as Tiger to meet up again in Tiger 3. At the end of April, SRK will film for 7 days for Tiger 3 in Mumbai. It will be an exciting time for the actor, according to a trade source.

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