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Soha Ali Khan asserts that Inaaya Naumi Kemmu worships Taimur Ali Khan

Soha Ali Khan

Soha Ali Khan discussed the relationship between her five-year-old daughter Inaaya Naumi Kemmu and her cousin brother Taimur Ali Khan. She stated that Inaaya is more ‘attracted’ to Taimur than his younger brother Jehangir Ali Khan, who is still too small. Taimur and Jeh are the children of actors Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan, the brother of Soha. Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan are the actor’s children from his first marriage to Amrita Singh. Inaaya is the only child of Soha and her husband, the actor Kunal Kemmu.

When asked who her daughter was closest to, actor-author Soha stated that Inaaya “gets stars in her eyes when she looks at Taimur.” Soha stated that Inaaya looks up to Taimur Ali Khan as an older brother, and it was fascinating to observe their unique relationship develop.

“She (Inaaya) adores Taimur. When she looks into his eyes, she sees stars. She believes that everything he does is incredible. Even if he is simply scratching his ear, she is astounded. And Jeh is adorable due to his diminutive size. However, she is interested in Taimur as an older brother, and a small amount of hero worship is present. However, it is fascinating to observe how children interact with one another and form their relationships and bonds. Again, you must respect what they want, whom they want to play with, their boundaries, and whom they want to embrace or not. In a recent interview with News 18, Soha Ali Khan stated, “You must be extremely, extremely respectful of such things.”

In the same interview, Soha also discussed the paparazzi attention her daughter has received since a young age. She stated that Inaaya occasionally asks her, “Whom are these people taking pictures of me?”My daughter’s rights are important to me,” the actress said.

“I think we should be more considerate to kids and not treat them like toys or control them,” Soha said. Similarly, she has questions about strangers recording her, to which I have responded to the best of my ability. She is aware that she is a member of a family of public figures and that there are individuals who are interested in her as an individual. When she is at ease, she is at ease, and when she desires to put on her mask, she does so. She is now of age to make these decisions. We may have chosen to lead public lives, but she has not, and therefore she should not.”

Soha was observed last in Hush Hush. She became an author alongside Kunal Kemmu. In and Bobo Find Each Other and Inni and Bobo Go to the Park are children’s books co-authored by the couple. The books chronicle the travels and exploits of a young girl and her pet. Soha and Kunal wed in January 2015, and on September 29, 2017, their daughter was born.

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