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Sushant Singh Rajput’s family lawyer, Vikas Singh feels Siddharth Pithani’s capture is fitting retribution

It’s been close to 12 months and the inconvenient demise of Sushant Singh Rajput is as yet covered in secret with different speculations of self destruction, abetment to death or murder of the entertainer being examined by the specialists. At the point when asked where do things remain taking everything into account, Sushant Singh Rajput’s family lawyer Vikas Singh says, “CBI might not want to race into documenting a chargesheet or recording something, which will boomerang on it. They are taking a gander at a few points and murder is additionally one of them. You see SSR’s passing is as yet covered in secret and there are no doubt. Except if you disentangle the secret there is no reason for recounting a silly story and that is the explanation they are taking as much time as necessary and I’m very cheerful something will come out soon.”

SSR’s flatmate Siddharth Pithani was as of late captured by the (NCB) comparable to the case. Singh adds, “I’m very confident that they will ready to unwind the secret and they are dealing with it lets keep our fingers crossed. To the extent the capture of Siddharth Pithani is concerned it is a sort of fitting retribution that he has in any event gone to prison.”

Pithani, who was chipping away at SSR’s ‘Fantasy 150’ project, was supposedly the person who saw the entertainer hanging in his room on June 14 and was addressed by the CBI for the situation. Singh says, “I have been saying this for a truly significant time-frame that he ought to be captured and the explanation being he was there with Sushant when Rhea Chakraborty disappeared and the day Sushant was discovered dead. Siddharth was the person who opened the room and he was the person who called the locksmith and was the one to bring down the body of the entertainer, so he is exceptionally pivotal to the case in all over, regardless of whether it is murder or abetment to self destruction he will be associated with it.”

Sushant Singh Rajput’s family has likewise recorded a suit against those intending to make a film on the entertainer’s life and Singh is very sure that they will get an order for the situation.