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T-Series releases statement for rape allegations against Bhushan Kumar

After a 30-year-old woman accused him of rape, an FIR was allegedly filed against T-Series’ Managing Director, Bhushan Kumar, at Mumbai’s D N Nagar police station. According to allegations in the media, the victim was reportedly raped by the Bollywood producer under the guise of being hired on one of his company’s projects. “Bhushan Kumar, managing director of T-Series, was arrested at DN Nagar Police Station on charges of rape with a 30-year-old woman under the guise of employing her for a project at the business. There have been no arrests so far in the investigation “ANI quoted a police source as saying.

T-Series has now issued an official statement on the situation.

“Mr. Bhushan Kumar’s complaint is totally false and spiteful, and the contents of the complaint are rejected. The lady in issue was falsely accused of being sexually exploited between 2017 and 2020 under the guise of providing her with the job. She has already worked with T-Series in film and music videos, as a matter of record “The statement is as follows:

“She approached Mr. Bhushan Kumar in March 2021, asking for aid in funding one of the web series she intended to make, but he respectfully declined.” Following that, in June 2021, when the Maharashtra lockdown was lifted, she approached the T-Series brand in conjunction with her accomplice, seeking a large quantity of money as extortion money. As a result, T-Series filed a complaint with authorities at Amboli police station on July 1, 2021, alleging attempted extortion. For the extortion attempt, we also have proof in the form of an audiotape, which we will give to the investigative agency.

The current lawsuit she has filed is only a rebuttal to the extortion complaint she and her accomplice have been charged with. We are engaging with our attorneys on this and will take necessary legal action,” the statement continues.