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Tanushree Dutta: The Bollywood mafia is after me because I irritated influential individuals

Tanushree Dutta

Tanushree Dutta recently said in an Instagram post that she continues to experience “serious emotional, physical, and psychological harassment.”

She recently resorted to Instagram to scream, writing, “I’m being harassed & targeted extremely aggressively… It is severe mental, physical, and psychological abuse. I’m not going to commit suicide, and I’m not going anywhere. “I’ve come to remain and resuscitate.”

“I’ve been having strange occurrences for a long time. This is the first time I’ve covered everything in a single post. For the first time, I sat down and wrote down my ideas, trying not to seem crazy, because when crazy things happen to you, your mind might be altered,” Tanushree Dutta explains.

The 38-year-old said, “A lot has happened since I returned to India.” Despite the picture that these Bollywood mafias have painted of me as tough, I am attempting to restore my career, and individuals are interested in collaborating with me… I’m getting proposals for films and web projects, and I’ve even signed several, but none of them have materialized. Suddenly, the producers or director go incognito, or sponsors drop.”

Indian #MeToo activist Sanjay Dutta adds, “I returned in 2020, and I’ve lost count of how many times this has happened to me.” People just get one message: ‘it is best not to work with her.’ And people avoid me out of fear of offending someone. They enjoy hunting, and that is what they do. They are powerful, and nobody wants to mess with them. Nobody will be willing to give me a chance.”

Dutta refers to these as “nameless and faceless people” without using any specific names. No names will be mentioned since I lack proof and cases are put together rapidly. Many people were irritated by me because I was the face of the MeToo movement. These Bollywood bullies are cruel and twisted in their ways. “They can harass anyone,” the Tears of Nandigram (2012) star claims.

She admits to experiencing tremendous mental and emotional abuse, but she is determined to battle it all. “I won’t go crazy or do anything dramatic.” It’s annoying and hard to manage. My life is not a rose garden… “However, 12 years of my spiritual life has given me determination and patience”.

Dutta finds solace in the fact that people are eager to work with her, “even if they wind up being pressured in the end.” “I’m tired of being harassed.” I’m delighted that people still like me. The actor asserts, “They can harm my career, but not my spirit.” [citation needed] The 38-year-old concludes by pleading with everyone in Bollywood, “Please give me a job so I can fight better.”

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