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Tejasswi Prakash Instagram Reels

Bigg Boss 15 is becoming more contentious and intriguing by the day. The producers recently introduced a new captaincy assignment in which housemates were separated into two teams. In the assignment, one team must torture the opposing team’s participants in order to remove them. However, when Tejasswi Prakash attempted to win the assignment by pretending to be choked, the netizens were not impressed.

Rajeev Adatia, the first wild card contender, appeared on Salman Khan’s show this week. Many dynamics in the home shifted on the first day of Rajeev’s arrival, as he gave everyone a reality check.

Tejasswi Prakash is obviously drawn to someone and emotionally linked to that person, therefore her perspective on things has shifted significantly. However, if you watch the show, you will notice that she is never absent from an episode; she is always present. Even in individual jobs, she gives her all, although the manner we all expected it has shifted slightly. I have the impression that she does not squander any opportunity to perform, and I am confident that she will give her all and win the event.