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The Food Shehnaaz Gill Eats From Morning Drink To Dinner Will Blow Your Mind!

Shehnaaz Gill

Delightful in nature, Shehnaaz Gill, an accomplished vocalist and actor, is adored by her admirers. Significant media attention was also drawn to Shehnaaz’s remarkable weight loss subsequent to her participation in ‘Bigg Boss 13’. The ‘Dhup Lagdi’ singer revealed in previous interviews that she underwent significant weight loss throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Since Shehnaaz’s physical transformation was significantly influenced by her diet, her followers have always been intrigued by her daily meal regimen. Indeed, in a recent Instagram video, the actress disclosed the entirety of her daily diet, from breakfast to bedtime. Continue reading to discover every detail about her meals.
The Daily Diet of Shehnaaz Gill Consists Of The Following:

Morning Snack And Beverage
Immediately upon awakening, Shehnaaz commences the process of gulping water. She discloses that she consumes three to four liters of water daily. Additionally, she consumes pre-soaked dried fruits each morning “for her skin.” Thirty minutes prior to breakfast and following her yoga session, Shehnaaz consumes a glass of diluted apple cider vinegar.

Consuming breakfast
Before breakfast, Shehnaaz consumes an entire plate of poha. Referring to it as “mere style ka poha,” she explains that she incorporates fewer pohas and more vegetables, such as carrots and broccoli. In conjunction with poha, she consumes granola-topped yogurt.

Shehnaaz then provides a sneak peek of her “extremely delicious and nutritious” supper. This consists of a portion of tadka dal, paneer bhurji, roti (which resembles ragi roti but is smeared with desi ghee), and a salad of sprouts. She remarks that her supper consists of “protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and healthy fat.”

Concluding Snack

Shehnaaz satisfies her evening refreshment requirements with freshly roasted makhanas in desi ghee. Additionally, she packs her protein drink before departing for the evening. She consumes an additional glass of attenuated apple cider vinegar prior to dinner.

Consumed Dinner
Shehnaaz’s supper consists of a hearty serving of vegetable khichdi accompanied by a substantial portion of yogurt and an additional bowl of doodhi (lauki) broth.

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