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Urfi Javed accuses the casting director of blackmail, but the director denies it

Urfi Javed

Urfi Javed, who frequently makes headlines for her fashion choices, took to social media to share her experience with harassment and blackmail from a man in the Punjab entertainment industry. The actor posted a series of conversations with Punjab-based casting director Obed Afridi, alleging that Afridi blackmailed her and asked for sexual favours from Javed.

I’ve had it with this guy’s harassment for far too long,” Urfi Javed added. Someone morphed my photo and began distributing it two years ago; I had already filed a police complaint about it two years prior, and I went through hell at the time. I even posted something two years ago that is still on my profile. This man obtained that photograph and had been blackmailing me to have video sex with him or else he would distribute the photograph on various Bollywood websites and ruin my professional endeavors.” “Yes, he was blackmailing me to cyber rape me,” she continued to say after the previous statement. “That’s the word for it.”

When we contacted Afridi, he denied all claims, saying, “This is fake.” Neither my name nor my phone number is visible. I don’t want to argue with her because she lacks intelligence. I desire peace in my life. We’ve worked together before and it was great. She began doing this because there were some payment issues on the other end. I have yet to receive any legal notice.”

“I filed an FIR on 1st at Goregaon police station @mumbaipolice,” Urfi Javed said, adding that despite filing reports against him, no action has been taken. It’s been 14 days and nothing has happened!” I’m extremely disappointed. I’d heard a lot of good things about the @mumbaipolice, but their attitude toward this man is strange. Even after informing them that he has sexually abused several women, there has been no action. This man is a danger to both society and women. He should not be permitted to live freely.” This isn’t the first time Javed has accused Afridi of something. She accused him of requesting sexual favours from women in February.

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