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Urfi Javed Beautiful Transformation into a Simple Saree

Urfi Javed releases new photos, and to everyone’s surprise, she is wearing a basic floral saree rather than a strange-looking cut-out outfit.

Urfi Javed, a Bigg Boss OTT competitor, is renowned for her odd and eccentric fashion moments. Her recent photographs on the internet, however, challenge all of her prior viral appearances, as she appears in a modest saree. Urfi posted a new batch of photos on Instagram on Tuesday at midday, in which she can be seen posing in a saree.

Urfi looked lovely in a pastel yellow saree. The actress paired her colorful saree with a sleeveless top with a plunging neckline and elegant lace trimming. Urfi, who is known for her bold and spectacular appearance, kept her look simple and fuss-free this time. Her saree was accessorized with a simple choker, a bun, and a twisted pallu.

Urfi wore her flowery saree in the most informal way possible, with random pleats and a pallu draped to show off her toned waistline and the blouse’s plunging neckline. While Urfi’s supporters praised her makeover from a strange-looking cut-out garment to a saree, other Instagram users thought the draping of that saree was very peculiar.

As such, Urfi appears to be comfortable in these outfits, and all of her elegant outings exude confidence. The actor has also made headlines for previously speaking out about depression and suicidal thoughts.

In a post that she made on Sunday, she wrote, “A few times in my life I’ve felt like the only way to get out of this mess is to end my life. My life was seriously fucked up. Failed career, failed relationships, no money made me feel like a loser who doesn’t deserve to live. I still don’t have a lot of money, a successful career and I’m still single but I have hope. The only reason I’m alive today ( trust me there have been so many incidents in my life which nearly killed me ) is that I never stopped. I kept walking and I’m still walking. I may not be where I want to be but at least I’m on the way (sic).”