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Watch: Malaika Arora uncovers how she keeps up her washboard abs

Malaika Arora is perhaps the fittest big name in B-Town. She is an energetic yogi and regularly shares new asanas and steps to do it, alongside posting down the advantages from doing it for her fans to profit by.

She finished the week with one more represent, this one to accomplish conditioned abs. Sharing the mystery behind her washboard waist, she posted a clasp, subtitling it as, ” 3 basic Abs practices that you can rehearse from the solace of your home! Do this for 14 days, and let me know the outcomes! The key to a decent exercise is making it fun. I make the most of my exercise since it causes me to feel better as well as in light of the fact that it fulfills me (sic).”

Donning a dim athleisure outfit, and with her hair tied in a bun, the entertainer looked all set for an extraordinary exercise meeting. For the principal work out, Malaika sat on her yoga tangle and played out a split. With her hands laying on the rear of her head, she bowed on the two sides then again. She additionally did a descending canine leg lift while taking her knee back to her chest, and for the last exercise, she rotated leg raises

This isn’t the first occasion when that she has inspired her adherents to go to the exercise center or follow a wellness system. Malaika as of late took the #PlankChallenge and aced it like a master, leaving fans awestruck!

Malaika had inscribed the video as, “Did someone say boards aren’t entertaining? Here you go with my #1 Jahnavi Patwardhan,” Further adding the hashtags #reels, #plankchallenge, #yoga, #sarva ,#instareels, #fitness and #fitnessmotivation’