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Actor Lokesh Kanagaraj appears in Inimel, which stars Shruti Haasan and Kamal Haasan

Shruti Haasan

Lokesh Kanagaraj is imminently making his acting debut with the films Shruti Haasan and Kamal Haasan. Although it may not be for a feature-length film just yet, the director of Leo and Vikram recently collaborated with Shruti on a music video titled Inimel.

Prototype of Inimel
Shruti previewed the song on Instagram a week ago by posting a poster that featured two video game controllers with the caption “#Inimel, all your Delulus Become Trulus.” Later, she published a video demonstrating that for the number, Lokesh had transitioned from lyricist to actor, Kamal from lyricist to composer, and Shruti from composer to actor, with the caption “#Inimel Role Reverse is the New Verse.” Later, she shared a poster featuring herself and Lokesh engaged in a game while attired in pattu attire, with the inscription “No Winners, No Losers, #Inimel only Players.”

She released a teaser for the song on Thursday evening, stating that the complete music video for Inimel will be available on March 25. She composed, “#Inimel, the game will commence on March 25th.” Seize the moment! Shruti and Lokesh assume the roles of lovers in the video, and their rapport captivates all viewers. Additionally, the teaser provides a preview of the track, which showcases Shruti’s vocals. Numerous admirers commented beneath Shruti’s video, astounded that Lokesh possesses acting ability.

forthcoming endeavour

Shruti was last seen in the Prashanth Neel film Salaar Part 1: Ceasefire, which also featured Prabhas and Prithviraj Sukumaran. During an Instagram live with her followers, Shruti provided an update on her forthcoming endeavours: “At this time, I am concurrently producing two features.” Both of them have not yet been released.” “Inimel is diametrically opposed to Monster Machine in terms of production, visuals, singing, and everything else,” she continued.

Soon, Shaneil Deo will direct Dacoit, in which Shruti will star alongside Adivi Sesh. The film is being produced in Telugu and Hindi, and Shruti assumes an entirely new persona in the promotional video. The film will be a pastoral drama taking place in the northern regions of India. Additionally, she will appear in Philip John’s Chennai Story.

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