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Adah Sharma: I have personalities that I don’t need to be anyone else

Adah Sharma is unquestionably one of the industry’s fittest actors. She participates in Mallakhamb and sharpshooting training, as well as a handstand, Silambam stick, and Surya Namaskar routine. In an exclusive interview with SeetaGeeta, the actress discussed how important it is to be in shape at all times.

“I attribute it to not eating animals and attempting to have a cheerful attitude. It is critical to maintaining physical fitness at all times. You will be fit regardless of ups and downs if you can stay healthy and make it a habit. People always ask me why I practice anything, whether it’s yoga, mallakhamb, or silambam. What are the advantages? I wish that more individuals engaged in fitness activities simply for the sake of doing them. To keep their bodies healthy, and subsequently their minds. Just don’t worry about what you’ll get out of it,” she said.

“To be honest, fashion in real life for me is freedom,” Adah Sharma said when asked what fashion means to her: following trends, comfort, or experimenting. I’m free to do anything I want without fear of being caught. That’s something I like. Of course, we follow a character in movies, and I like doing so as well. Fashion can be both art and entertainment in real life. It also helps that I have a devoted fan base who enjoys all of my wacky antics. It’s always great to have some confirmation. I’m lucky in that I have a devoted following that will battle trolls online if they say anything nasty about me. It’s really moving. They have no idea who I am. They’re known as Adah’s army.”

“I used to dress and do what I pleased from the time I was a child,” she said. It didn’t matter whether others thought I was odd for talking to a dog or dressing in my underwear. People told me I had to look and act a certain way when I wanted to make movies, so I tried very hard to be like everyone else at first. But then I realised that people loved me more when I was being myself. I felt better about myself. So that’s what I did. I don’t need to be anybody else since Adah has so many personalities.”

What is Adah Sharma’s favorite pastime while she is not working? “I enjoy being outside in nature. I enjoy playing the piano, watching movies, and doing the normal things that everyone does, but when no one is looking, I fly,” Adah ended.