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Tusshar shows a few of his favorite photos from the family book.

Tusshar shared some intimate photos from the family album on social media. In one photo, he is seen with his son Laksshya and nephew Ravie, while in another, he is shown with his sister Ekta and their father Jeetendra. He captioned the images, “Too Lucky Fathers of Two……TBT (sic).” 

In a recent interview, the Golmaal actor said of his parenting principles, “We are just like any other family, and I don’t think I have any additional problems just because I am a single father.” Couples must also shoulder a great deal of responsibility. Fathers are frequently absent from parenting, or both parents are preoccupied. As parents, couples must make a variety of changes, concessions, and sacrifices. As a single parent, I’ve found that certain things are difficult and others are very simple.

Sister Ekta Kapoor, like Tusshar, is a single mother to her son Ravie. They both have different parenting methods, according to the actor. “Ekta has her own parenting style, and I have mine,” he continued. We assist, advise, and guide one another. We’re also grateful that we have children that aren’t too far apart in age. It was purely coincidental, and we are grateful for it.”

“This comes easily to me,” he remarked of caring his son about becoming a father. People have informed me that I am doing far more for my child than a couple would. But I don’t feel like I’m accomplishing anything noteworthy. Perhaps it’s because I’m grown enough and have taken this step at the appropriate moment when I’m ready for the responsibility and affection. This is something I’d want to pursue. I want to provide all of my love to my child, and I like it. My spirit is nourished by being a parent. I enjoy taking him to playschool and the park. It does not appear to be work. Some parents believe that doing things for their children takes time away from their own lives, but that is not the case with me.