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Akshay Kumar’s new video and he misses his mother, Aruna Bhatia.

Akshay Kumar posted a mournful video on Instagram, writing that he misses his mother, Aruna Bhatia. On September 8, she breathed her last. Aruna Bhatia, Akshay Kumar’s mother, died on September 8. The actor adored her and referred to her as his “core.”

Akshay came to Instagram on Wednesday, November 17, to share a video in which he can be seen deep in concentration while listening to the Devi mantra. The Ram Setu actor stated that he misses his mum. ARUNA BHATIA, AKSHAY KUMAR’S MOTHER, IS MISSED.

When Akshay Kumar’s mother died, several Bollywood superstars came to pay their condolences at his residence. Akshay has been struggling to accept her death. In a recent video, he is shown seeking solace in the Devi mantra. “YuhiAaj maa ki bohot yaad aa rahi hai (sp),” he added.