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Anupamaa recap: Anuj awakens from a coma and exposes Barkha and Ankush


This Anupamaa episode brings a lot of joy into Anupamaa’s life. While Barkha and Ankush continue to level hateful accusations against Anupamaa, calling her integrity and love for Anuj into question, he awakens and reveals the truth. Continue reading this article for the most recent updates.

Anupamaa responds to Barkha

Barkha is confident that she will win the battle when she hands over the legal documents to remove Anupamaa from the Kapadia empire. Anupamaa, on the other hand, is not going to let this happen so easily. She takes the legal notice and burns it down, shocking everyone. Barkha responds that she can bring more of these notices. Anupamaa then asks her to hold on to the drama so she can take Anuj to his room first, sparing him the agony of seeing her true self.

When she returns, Ankush and Barkha accuse Anupamaa of being responsible for everything wrong in Anuj’s life. They also draught a legal document to remove Anupamaa’s signing authority, allowing Ankush to run the business until Anuj returns. Anupamaa is unconcerned about their irrelevant claims and legal notices. She keeps praying to Lord Krishna for Anuj. Continue reading to find out how this storm will affect Anupamaa’s life.

Anuj tells the truth

Anuj begins to respond to his treatment while Anupamaa prays for his health. He soon gains strength and summons Anupamaa. When Anupamaa arrives, the rest of the family follows her. Anuj is now fully awake and able to communicate. He admits that he has did hear everything and will not remain silent any longer.

He chastises Barkha and Ankush for attempting to take over his business. Barkha and Ankush change their tone right away and try to explain their actions, but Anuj has now seen the truth about them. He tells him the truth about not only what happened at the cliff, but also about Ankush, which he already knew. Barkha is still surprised that Anuj was aware of Ankush’s closed business in the United States. Little Anu enters the room and runs to meet her father before Anuj can finish his sentence. Anupamaa, Anuj, and Anu return to celebrate Anuj’s birthday.

The Shahs join in, and Barkha, Ankush, and Adhik pretend to care for Anuj once more. In the next episode, Anuj will demonstrate to Barkha and Ankush their place in the family. They beg Anupamaa’s forgiveness, but it is in vain. Keep checking back for more information.

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