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Anupamaa’s written update for August 12: Anupamaa makes a critical decision for Anuj as he fights for his life


In this Anupamaa episode, Vanraj, in his unconscious state, recalls the events that occurred between him and Anuj on the cliff. Anuj dropped truth bombs on Vanraj as a result of their heated argument. The doctors inform Anupamaa that Anuj has blood clots and that surgery is the recommended treatment. Barkha is still missing, and family members on both sides of the divide are puzzled as to why.

Vanraj recalls his encounter with Anuj on the cliff

While unconscious, Vanraj recalls what happened with Anuj at the cliff. Anuj inquires as to why Vanraj brought him to the cliff, to which Vanraj responds by asking if he is afraid. Anuj responds that he is only afraid of himself. Vanraj threatens Anuj not to mess with him because he might lose his life; Anuj reminds Vanraj that they had a similar meeting at a similar location previously. Vanraj claims that he also told Anuj not to act as his children’s father at the time. Anuj states that he kept his promise and wishes to conclude his conversation with Vanraj.

Vanraj has witnessed people stealing wealth from others, but Anuj is the first to steal a family from another. Anuj claims that Vanraj has no idea how to run or maintain relationships and that any rational person would avoid the Shahs. Vanraj is adamant that since he made the decision, his family will no longer interact with the Kapadia. Anuj claims that he cannot impose his decision on others. Vanraj accuses Anuj of stealing his family and destroying his life.

Anupamaa is once again given bad news

Kavya becomes concerned as Vanraj’s condition worsens. Anupamaa encourages Kavya to keep a positive attitude. Kavya wonders how Anupamaa maintains her strength in these trying times.

Anupamaa claims that if Anuj and little Anu require her assistance, she will be unable to assist because she lacks strength. She advises Kavya to work together to build trust that Vanraj and Anuj will be fine and healthy again. The doctor then calls Anupamaa to tell her that Anuj requires brain surgery because he has blood clots that must be removed as soon as possible. He also mentions that unless Anupamaa decides within 2 hours, surgery is out of the question. Anupamaa agrees to the surgery and looks through the glass window at Anuj, hoping for the best. Meanwhile, Adhik begins to plan Anuj’s funeral and how he will take over his business in his absence.

Anupamaa learns from Vanraj that he pushed Anuj off the cliff in the upcoming episodes. Leela then emotionally blackmails Anupamaa into not filing criminal charges against Vanraj with the police. Continue reading written updates in Hindustan Times for more information.

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