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Anupria Goenka’s birthday wish is to have a Coronavirus free world soon

Entertainer Anupria Goenka commends her birthday on Saturday and she wants for a world without Coronavirus.

“My birthday wish is to have a Coronavirus free world soon. I trust we return to an ordinary life. Numerous individuals are enduring from multiple points of view like sickness or injury of medical problems of their friends and family, monetary issues, homegrown maltreatment and the essential uneasiness of being inside. The final remaining one-and-a-half years have been hard for everyone,” she told IANS.

“I trust that we all, predominantly the favored individuals, stay mindful of the way that we are honored with the ability to support ourselves during these occasions, and we approach and help each other and those out of luck. We need to accept this as a duty and reward the general public,” says the entertainer, who has been seen on OTT shows, for example, “Sacred Games” and “Criminal Justice”.

The entertainer, who will before long be found in “Ashram 2” and “Asur 2”, says she needs to add to society.

“I need to actually have the option to make a greater commitment and accomplish better work. Not simply in my own or my day to day’s life, yet I likewise desire to have the option to reward society on a customary regular premise in a more significant way in the occasions to come, ” she says.