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Mahesh Manjrekar to coordinate Vinayak Damodar Sawarkar biopic

Movie producer Mahesh V. Manjrekar will coordinate the biopic of political dissident Vinayak Damodar Sawarkar. Named “Swatantra Veer Savarkar”, the film was declared on the political dissident’s 138th birth commemoration on Friday.

The biopic will be shot across London, the Andaman Islands and Maharashtra. The cast and different subtleties of the undertaking are yet to be uncovered.

Veer Savarkar assumed a huge part in India’s opportunity battle and was likewise an individual from the Hindu Mahasabha. Talking about the venture, maker Amit B Wadhwani said: “Veer Savarkar is a significant piece of India’s set of experiences that should be told. Sadly, the optics have kept the man from being perceived, let alone from being commended.”

“Veer Savarkar is loved and condemned in equivalent measure. He has been caused into a polarizing figure today yet I to feel that is on the grounds that individuals don’t know enough. Nobody can reject that he was a significant piece of our opportunity battle and our endeavor is to introduce a look into his life and excursion. While many love Veer Savarkar for his part in the opportunity battle, there are others that criticize him for his job in the opportunity battle and the repercussions of that alongside the way of thinking of Hindutva. However, Vinayak Damodar Savarkar’s story is one that should be told,” added maker Sandeep Singh.