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Arjun Kapoor has joined BFizz as a Brand Ambassador

Parle Agro, a food and beverage conglomerate, has hired Bollywood star Arjun Kapoor as the brand ambassador for BFizz, a fruit-based effervescent beverage. The actor announced his partnership on Instagram, where he posted a photo of a completely changed Arjun. He’s wearing a leather jacket and showing his toned six-pack abs while displaying his newly chiseled figure.

Sharing the post, Arjun says, “Thrilled to be @TheBFizz Brand Ambassador, a cool drink for the Brave & Bold!!! Sometimes your personality & the brand you align with just fit together seamlessly… can’t wait to get started on this exciting new journey with @parle_agro @nadiachauhan!! let’s do this & brew this ”Arjun Kapoor has joined BFizz as a Brand Ambassador.

Arjun took to his Instagram stories to share the boomerang video he shot in his room. He is seen lifting his T-shirt to show off his abs. “Biscuit aa gaye wapas chai lana zara,” he joked as he flaunted his abs. In his next story, he went shirtless and flaunted all six of his abs. “Actually biscuits ka full packet ready hai ab bahi log…Toh party kare???” he captioned the second boomerang video.

With his remarkable change as he battled fat and emerged stronger, the Bollywood actor has been turning heads. “Not many people know, but I’ve been fighting obesity for a long time,” he says. It wasn’t simply that I was a fat child; I had a health problem. It hasn’t been simple. My underlying health issue has always made it difficult for me to maintain a consistent weight. While I’ve received a lot of criticism for my appearance, I’ve accepted it in stride since people expect actors to have a specific body type. That is something I am aware of. They haven’t grasped the magnitude of my difficulties, and that’s fine. All I have to do now is prove it to myself and those who trust in me.”