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At the point when Salman Khan Expected Katrina Kaif’s Face Was Transformed In Viral Two-piece Pics With Ranbir Kapoor, Called Distribution As ‘Nauseating’

Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor’s undertaking was consistently a matter of interest for everybody till the time it kept going. In spite of the fact that everything was very secretive, there were minutes when certain photos from their excursions became famous online via web-based media, leaving the two liable before the media.

There was one such image of them from their vacay where Kat was clicked wearing a two-piece with the Kapoor fellow. What grabbed everybody’s eye around then was Salman Khan’s response to those photos. He remained on the side of Katrina and guaranteed that her face was transformed.

In 2013, Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif overwhelmed the web as a magazine had distributed photos of the two holidaying in Ibiza. The pictures saw Kat clad in a red and white swimsuit. At first, the two of them kept mum however later, when the two of them were interrogated concerning it at each occasion, the entertainer lashed out at the distribution and said that her protection had been attacked.

The most stunning response came from Katrina Kaif’s ex Salman Khan who came out and upheld her. On a show, he said that while he trusted it was Ranbir Kapoor in the photos, Kat’s face had been transformed.

“Mujhe aisa lagta hai ki woh tasveerein na kuch woh exposure stunt tha aur woh transformed tasveerein hain. Kyunki mujhe nahin lagta ki woh… Ranbir toh honge hello standard mujhe woh Katrina nahin lagti. Face hoga kisi aur ki body hogi..morphed tasveerein,” he had said.

He added, “Standard sochiye sir, koi chutti pe gaya hai individual occasions standard aur kisi ne woh tasveer kheech ke daal diya hai. How disturbing! Yeh hamaari maa, beheno ke saath bhi ho sakta hai. How might you all respond when something like this occurs with your spouses or to your sisters. It’s something disturbing.”

Some other time, Salman Khan had said, “If such photos of yours, your moms or sister’s would be out in the media, how might you feel? Regardless of whether your beau’s such pictures came out, would you like it? In the event that you won’t care for such things, others dislike it as well. What we do in films is an alternate matter, however uncovering one’s very own life thusly isn’t right; you don’t reserve any privilege to accomplish something like this.”

All things considered, we love the wonderful way Salman represented Katrina Kaif, and we are happy that even today, the two of them share an incredible bond.