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Bharti Singh ‘doesn’t feel guilty leaving her baby at home

Bharti Singh

In April, Bharti Singh and her husband, Haarsh Limbachiya, became parents to their son Laksh. Bharti returned to work within two weeks following the birth of her child, fulfilling her prior obligations. In a recent interview, she stated that leaving her newborn baby at home for work does not make her feel guilty.

While many praised Bharti’s professionalism, numerous social media users questioned her decision to return to work so quickly after the birth of her kid. In a recent interview, Bharti disclosed that she protects her infant at home by installing surveillance cameras. She also commended her family, employees, and Harsh’s family, who frequently assist her in caring for the child.

Bharti stated to ETimes, “My infant is not home alone. My family, two helpers, Harsh’s family, and my niece are here to support me, and I have put a webcam at home to monitor him. Currently, he is in secure hands, so I do not feel bad or worry about leaving him at home.

Bharti also stated that she believes she would be unable to provide her son with the greatest things at home if she did not work. “I also believe that if I had not worked or made money, we would not have been able to purchase such household amenities. This time, I will be holding a show by myself, so Harsh will be present to check on him,” Bharti added.

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