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Bigg Boss 17: Abhishek Kumar becomes possessive of Isha Malviya’s relationship with Munawar Faraqui and twists her limbs

Bigg Boss 17

During the episode of Weekend Ka Vaar, presenter Salman Khan discussed the strained relationship between Isha Malviya and Abhishek Kumar. Former couple participating in Bigg Boss 17. On the night of the premiere, the two had a confrontation onstage in which they blamed each other for their breakup. While Isha accused Abhishek of being overly possessive and even assaulting her, he revealed that her mother prevented them from spending enough time together. As the host attempted to mediate, he warned them to avoid further conflict by maintaining their distance.

On Tuesday’s episode, the ex-couple was observed engaging in an intense argument without regard for his words. Abhishek was observed brooding on his bed, feeling ignored by Isha. As he observed her interacting with fellow housemate Munawar Faruqui, he initiated a confrontation with her. Possessive, he said to Isha, “Jaa uske (Munawar) saath chipak ke baith, give your hand to him, stay with him, and go (Go and sit with Munawar, give him your hand).” When I approach, you make expressions, but when you are on my back, you smile. You’ve always been this way.”

As he abruptly arose from bed, Isha was taken aback and reprimanded him for his conduct. Abhishek then contorted her hand and stated, “He (Munawar) had your hand in this position. “He may hold your hand in this manner.” Isha responded angrily, stating that he was harming her.

Later, Abhishek Kumar rushed into Isha Malviya’s room yelling that her actions were causing him emotional distress. “Listen to me, I’m not interested in anyone else’s business, I’m only interested in yours, and if you don’t react to my request, my dimaag will become enraged. Tu mere saath must conduct appropriately. Seedhi ki baat hai, if possible. If I ignore you, but you don’t ignore me, then I will neglect you as well. Please disregard the other three contestants. If you disregard me or act differently, it has an effect on me. Even if the entire household ignores me, I can cope with it, but not you. Please complete the following after four months (not here):”

Isha managed the situation with composure and informed him that she continued to speak with him despite everyone’s advice. She added that it was improper how he spoke to her and twisted her hand. People believe I am damaging your reputation here. “However, I can no longer tolerate your aggressive behaviour,” she said.

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