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Bigg Boss 17: The eviction of all 14 candidates from…

Bigg Boss 17

Bigg Boss 17, which is presently in the middle of its seventh season, has just thrown an unexpected curveball that has stunned viewers. A recent viral Twitter promotion revealed a significant development: all fourteen contestants have become destitute. You did indeed read it correctly.

New Bigg Boss 17 Promotion and Adjustment
The promotional video showcases Bigg Boss making a significant revelation: the three chambers, namely Dilaagh, Dimaagh, and Dum, have been dissolved. It is mandatory for all participants to promptly exit their lodgings. Bigg Boss declares that mattresses will be provided for all in the common living area, also referred to as “Mohalle ka Chowk.”

The unforeseen progression of events has caused considerable confusion among the contestants within the house. As they acclimatise to their new living situation, the forthcoming episode is certain to be packed with surprises.

With this unexpected Bigg Boss 17 twist, tonight’s episode is expected to be a rollercoaster journey, and viewers can anticipate being glued to their screens as they observe the tables turn.

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