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Darsheel Safary said, ‘I was an exceptionally sensitive child’ when he was ridiculed for his teeth


Present day marks Darsheel Safary’s 27th birthday. The actor, who received critical acclaim for his performance in Aamir Khan’s Taare Zameen Par, previously disclosed that as a child he was bullied for the condition of his dentition. His dentition, nonetheless, secured him the role in the film for which he is best known.

What was said by Darsheel

Boney Kapoor confirms Janhvi Kapoor’s casting for Ram Charan’s nextDarsheel stated in a 2022 interview with Hindustan Times: “I have also owned the following items in my personal life, separate from my career as an actor. I have been ridiculed for every aspect, including my height and dentition. My canines were about a kilometre apart. Everything occurs for a purpose. Everything that transpired, and then that teeth-related filming ensued. It is something that I consider to be a learning experience. That is how one can avoid being impacted.”

Additionally, he stated in the interview, “As a child, I was exceptionally sensitive. Previously, everything harmed me. When one becomes an actor, only a portion of the background commotion must be muted. You must discern what is genuine and what is not. It is true that Darsheel is being unmotivated; therefore, I must put forth effort to improve. However, the statement “Darsheel dislikes acting” is not accurate.

Alongside Darsheel, Aamir

Recently, the Taare Zameen Par stars unexpectedly reunited for the delight of their admirers. A few days ago, Aamir Khan and Darsheel Safary reunited for an energy drink advertisement. Darsheel had posted a collection of photographs featuring Aamir with the caption, “We are all merely residing in Aamir’s multiverse. Three days remain. “@versatileactor #masterclass #mrperfectionist.”

Darsheel appeared in films including Bumm Bumm Bole, Zokkomon, and Midnight’s Children, in addition to Taare Zameen Par. Recently, he appeared in the documentary-fiction film First Act, which chronicled the true lives of juvenile actors in the film industry.

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