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Boney Kapoor confirms Janhvi Kapoor’s casting for Ram Charan’s next.

Boney Kapoor

Boney Kapoor, the filmmaker, verified in a recent interview that Janhvi Kapoor has signed on for her second Telugu film, putting an end to all speculation. He confirmed to iDream Media that the actor and Ram Charan will soon share the screen in the actor’s forthcoming collaboration with Uppena director Buchi Babu Sana.

“She considers herself blessed.”
Currently, Janhvi is filming Devara, a film starring Koratala Siva, with Jr. NTR. Boney commented on the matter and her forthcoming Telugu endeavours: “My daughter has already completed filming for a production with Jr. NTR. She is thoroughly enjoying each moment that she spends on sets here. She will also soon begin filming alongside Ram Charan. These two lads are thriving tremendously. She considers herself fortunate to be working with Telugu films, which she has been viewing frequently. She will hopefully obtain additional employment if the films are successful. Soon, she will also collaborate with Suriya on an act. Siredevi, my wife, has demonstrated proficiency in multiple languages; it is my aspiration that my daughter will emulate her.

I desired to purchase a residence in Hyderabad.
Boney, who has filmed a multitude of projects in Hyderabad, stated that the city has undergone significant transformations over time. Additionally, he disclosed that he once considered purchasing a residence for Sridevi here, but has since changed his mind. “Twelve of my features were shot in Hyderabad, which was a developing metropolis at the time. When I returned after several years had passed, the entire city had undergone significant transformations. I used to navigate on my own, but now I require the assistance of a local guide. Because my wife laboured so much in Hyderabad, I desired to purchase her a home there. During our visits, we used to enjoy an abundance of Andhra khaana (food).

forthcoming endeavour

In addition to the Tamil film with Suriya and the Telugu ventures starring Jr. NTR and Ram Charan, Janhvi will appear in the Hindi films Mr. and Mrs. Mahi and Ulajh. The producers of Ram Charan’s upcoming film have not yet issued an official statement.

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