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Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh return to Mumbai after pushing fan’s camera away at airport. A watch

Deepika Padukone

Following a vacation, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh have returned to Mumbai. Although they appreciated their period of anonymity, they exhibited a lack of benevolence towards the cameras upon their return.

What transpired?
A paparazzo account on Instagram published a video of the Mumbai airport that was shared by a Deepika and Ranveer devotee. Ranveer, whose five-month-old baby bump was discreetly concealed in a baggy beige top, exhibited an all-white casual ensemble consisting of a T-shirt, shorts, eyeglasses, and a cap. In addition, Deepika was attired in dark eyeglasses and maintained a hairstyle.

Under the guidance of security personnel and airport officials, a devotee endeavored to photograph them as they approached the vehicle. Deepika repelled the lens upon noticing it. She subsequently continued strolling while Ranveer closely followed.

The web reacts

The internet was not amused by Deepika’s action. An Instagram user commented, “Deepika’s recent action of slamming the phone from the grasp of a fan was abhorrent and abhorrent.” She does this for your supporters, who are enthusiastic to see you perform. “Despair with Deepika.” “Attempting to conceal pregnancy while behaving impolitely toward paparazzi” (eyeroll emoji) was the sentiments of another.

Nonetheless, several users defended the actor. asked one of them. An additional user commented, “Dp appears unenthusiastic about being papped! Bear in mind her privacy!” “Anything goes (kuch bhi) news. Distince her from me. “Whether or not to be photographed during her pregnancy is her decision,” stated a third comment.

A user contended that Deepika deftly averted the camera with a lighthearted gesture. They commented, “Don’t worry, everyone; she was just teasing him (tear-filled laughter emoji).”

In September, Deepika and Ranveer are anticipated to become parents. Following that, she will appear in Kalki 2898 AD and Singham Again. He will also co-star with Don 3 in Singham Again. Later in the day, Ranveer attended the store inauguration of Tiffany & Co. in Mumbai, where he displayed the diamond wedding ring that Deepika had given him.

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