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Isha Malviya: Ex-boyfriend Samarth Jurel labels me ‘opportunist’

Isha Malviya

Isha Malviya responded to Samarth Jurel’s recent statement regarding their previous relationship. In an interview with Instant Bollywood, Samarth referred to Isha as an “opportunist” and claimed she is still fond of her ex-boyfriend Abhishek Kumar. In an interview with the same news organization, Isha responded to Samarth’s remarks. 

Isha Malviya declares that she must avoid focusing backwards

When queried about her stance on Samarth’s statement, Isha Malviya responded, “I do not believe it is something I wish to discuss. “Because achi cheezen aa rahe hai, meri life mein kaafi bahot,” she answered. It is not my existence that I am focusing on. While it is acceptable to discuss one’s personality and nature, I do not believe that this is the primary topic for the remarks section. Yaar, Khushi Manao. I believe I would prefer not to discuss it. This is due to the abundance of opportunities that await me in the future. Instead of retracing my life’s steps, I am concentrating on it. It’s fine; each person possesses a unique personality and nature, but I prefer not to comment on it. Honor the group.”

Samarth Jurel describes Isha Malviya as a “huge opportunist.”

In a previous conversation with the same portal, Samarth declared, “Voh is in fact an opportunistic badi hai.” Iska aisa tha, if a particular event or function is occurring, then that should be the case. Mujhse baat karne lag jayegi. For instance, during the Holi festival, the ensemble Humari Baat Cheet Ekdum performed. Is it accurate to say that lekin ek din pehle se mujhse lag gayi na? Isn’t that true? I can’t help but smile; it’s a common occurrence. She is extremely opportunistic. She used to speak with me exclusively in anticipation of an upcoming event. For instance, there was a ceasefire between us during the festival of Holi. But when she learned of the Holi celebration, she resumed our conversation and inquired whether I would be attending. “She would lead me outdoors when there were paparazzi present and we were visible.”

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