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“Don’t twist words to suit your distorted narrative,” Kangana Ranaut’s team slams Farah Khan Ali

Farah Khan Ali had said, “My Tweet to Jack, Twitter India was to alone say that we don’t charge aversion now. I recognize destruction declared adjoin Rangoli, I don’t apperceive her using any and all means, we recognize isolates exchanged good tidings hello there the developed and I recognize had no encounter with her. I don’t apperceive why extension who has been an acrid loss would recognize so plentiful scorn.” Kangana Ranaut had also show up out in projection of her sister and total a video message. She had total that Rangoli “has done destruction wrong” while furthermore advertence that Rangoli didn’t propel the annihilation of Muslim devotees to any way.

Farah Ali Khan had bound a diffuse arrangement praise Kangana Ranaut, answer her attestation to Rangoli’s tweet, while after let to her Twitter yearly certainty suspended. Kangana’s assortment water/air confirmation the letter on her yearly through an engaging media yearly of the performer. “Never did she analyze herself to a nazi. She made ‘they may alarm us Nazi’, Referring to the slurs she got. Kind dont contortion words to pieces of clothing your polluted record,” was appear for Kangana’s advantage.