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Here’s what Bollywood girls like to watch!

Low-carb, vegan, healthy fats, and alternative flours have all been popular in recent years, particularly among Bollywood girls. While some people prefer keto cupcakes, paleo muffins, and jowar cakes, others prefer the variety of gourmet cakes and sweets available. Juhi Pahwa, a home baker, has been preparing delights for celebrities such as Bhumi Pednekar, Neelam Kothari, Gauri Khan, and others for the past three years. We asked her about the shows that our favorite celebrities and Bollywood girls enjoy binge-watching.

Katrina Kaif insists on buckwheat pancakes.

Buckwheat hot chocolate pancakes are Katrina Kaif’s favorite. These pancakes, which are made with buckwheat flour, Belgian chocolate, whey protein, eggs, and cinnamon, are excellent for the actress’ Sundays, according to famous chef Juhi Pahwa. “Katrina is a sweetheart who is easy to please. She has the most basic requirements and no airs about her. I’m a huge Katrina fan, but she’s just like the girl next door to me. Her Sunday binges aren’t complete without buckwheat hot chocolate pancakes, which she makes herself.”

Paleo muffins are a favorite of Ananya and Bhavna Pandey. Ananya and Bhavna Pandey, a beautiful mother-daughter combo, like nutritious cuisine and Juhi’s sweets. “While Ananya likes my jowar nutty cake or paleo muffins made with dark chocolate, coconut flour, and no sugar,” she explains, “her mother enjoys my classic dark chocolate cupcakes.”

Chocolate cakes are a no-no for Patralekha and Rajkumar Rao.

Patralekha, an actress, orders for all important events.

“She’s the loveliest person you’ll ever meet.” Rajkumar phoned the next day to thank me for the cake I prepared for his birthday. I am certain that none of them enjoys chocolate desserts. Berry yogurt cakes or butterscotch praline cakes are the most popular options.

Jacqueline Fernandes favors chocolate over all other flavors.
For someone who has spent so much time in the fitness industry, it may come as a surprise to learn that Jacqueline Fernandes adores chocolate. “My jowar nutty chocolate cake with a molten chocolate center is clearly her favorite. She also enjoys peanut butter and dark chocolate cupcake on occasion.”

Vegan cuisine is a favorite of Esha Deol’s.
“Esha is vegan, and she eats mostly vegan foods. She is someone who offers me total creative license when it comes to cake designs and appearances… but the flavor is always chocolate on the inside.”