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Janhvi Kapoor to begin shooting for ‘Helen’ remake from August

In August, Janhvi Kapoor will begin filming for the adaptation of the Malayalam hit ‘Helen.’ The film’s first filming will take place on a set. According to a source close to the unit, “Although the film will be shot in actual settings, we will start with an inside production. The production team intends to begin shooting in August, and the crew is now preparing.” It’s also possible that the film’s Hindi title would be altered to ‘Mili.’

Janhvi was supposed to start filming in June, but the second lockdown has caused the timetable to be pushed back. Mathukutty Xavier, who earlier helmed the Malayalam version of ‘Helen,’ is directing the film. The original film had featured actors Anna Ben and Lal in lead roles.

Because the film’s shot needs real settings, the production crew is presently scouting potential sites. The film will be shot in India due to travel limitations and production concerns, and the team will not be traveling to other countries.

‘Helen,’ a 2019 survival thriller, received National Awards for both the director, who made his feature debut with this picture and the make-up artist. The film was previously remade in Tamil as ‘Anbirkiniyal,’ with Keerthi Pandian in the starring role. Mili will most likely be the name of Janhvi’s character in the film.

Janhvi will also appear in ‘Good Luck Jerry,’ ‘Dostana 2,’ and a remake of Tamil blockbuster ‘Kolamavu Kokila.’