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Jawan review: Shah Rukh Khan film praised for not forcing Vijay cameo, ‘massy with a message’


Jawan, starring Shah Rukh Khan, came out in cinemas on the Janmashtami holiday on Thursday. A quick look at social media shows that the movie is a huge hit. Raja Kumari said the movie was “mind-blowing,” and Mukesh Chhabra, who was in charge of choosing, gave it more than a dozen stars. Here are a few responses to the Atlee film.

The American singer Raja Kumari sang the title song for the movie Jawan. After seeing the movie, she looked completely blown away. She wore a dress with animal prints when she went to see Jawan. She said in a video, when asked about her answer, “Song is in there. I was crying and screaming. I want you all to see what’s going on. It really blew my mind. SRK for all time. I really like Shah Rukh. She showed how happy she was by singing the opening song to her movie Jawan.

Jawan gets more than a dozen stars?

When casting director Mukesh Chhabra reviewed the movie on X, he gave it 12 stars. He added more hearts and stars and wrote, “Jawan was a roller coaster of emotions. Thank you, for letting me be in this movie. Even though I wasn’t in this movie, it made me feel emotional and gave me chills. One of the best Bollywood and Pan India flicks I’ve seen. “Massive and with a point.”

Sumit Kadel, who studies the movie business, liked what he saw on screen before the break. Tweeting about how he felt about the first half, he said, “First Half—Fantastic. The best break scene ever in a Hindi movie. Bollywood would now see what has been going on in the south for a long time.

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