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Kangana Ranaut stands up for PM Modi after being trolled: “Why should he care about things that don’t measure up to his standards?”

Kangana Ranaut

On Tuesday, Kangana Ranaut supported Narendra Modi on X (previously Twitter) and criticised those “humiliating him for having no idea how to hold a peg while toasting.” Some people on X said that PM Modi laughed without knowing what the US President was saying when they raised a toast during their recent meeting. The actor stood up for PM Modi.

Kangana slams those who make fun of PM Modi

She wrote on Twitter, “What kind of Kaliyuga is dancing on the head of a human being whose pashuyo ke maas ya rakt ka ahar nahi karta, whose kabhi dhumrpan ya madira sevan nahi karta? I want to tell the world that peg pakad kar hawa mein ghumana nahi aata.

The video of PM Modi with Joe Biden

Some people on X had posted a short video clip from an event saying that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was laughing because he didn’t understand what US Vice President Joe Biden was trying to say. Some people also said that PM Modi is often seen ‘hysterically’ laughing with other world leaders because he doesn’t understand what they are saying.

A tweet posed the question, “Why does Modi smile so broadly in the majority of his photographs with foreign leaders?” This video tells you “why.” When Biden gave a toast, he asked people to raise their left hand instead of their right if there was no alcohol in the glass. This is a common practise, but it’s not written down. Narendra Modi didn’t know what Biden was talking about, so he did what he does best. He acted like he got the joke (even though it wasn’t a joke) and started laughing before Biden could even finish his line. Biden was angry and said, “You think I’m joking, don’t you?” And kept going. Modi’s image may have cost millions to brand, but if there’s nothing behind it, this is what it looks like.”

PM Modi and Kangana

In her social media posts, the star has often said nice things about the Prime Minister. Last year, when she wished PM Modi a happy birthday, she called him “the most powerful man on this planet.” On September 17, he turned 72. On Instagram Stories, the actor posted an old picture of the two of them from an event, along with a long birthday message.

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