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Kuttey movie trailer: Who is the top dog among Arjun Kapoor, Tabu, Naseeruddin Shah, and Radhika Madan?


The nearly three-minute trailer for Kuttey, starring Arjun Kapoor, Tabu, Naseeruddin Shah, Konkona Sensharma, Radhika Madan, and Kumud Mishra, reveals little about the film’s plot, unlike many others. The film’s approach is reminiscent of Vishal Bhardwaj’s Kaminey, for which he served as co-writer and producer. His son Aasmaan Bhardwaj makes his directorial debut with Kuttey. The trailer concludes with the renowned theme song by Kaminey.

Here, Arjun and Tabu play cops entangled with gangsters and struggling to survive in a world where it’s dog eat dog. Typical of Vishal’s films, there is a substantial amount of dark humor in the movie.

In a previous remark, Vishal Bhardwaj said of his cooperation with son Aasmaan, “Kuttey is really meaningful to me because it is my first collaboration with Aasmaan, and I’m anxious to see what he achieves with it. Luv Films and Vishal Bhardwaj Films are also joining forces for the first time, and I am ecstatic about this partnership since I appreciate Luv’s fearless approach to filmmaking and great business acumen.”

The film is described as a “caper” and has three gangs competing for crores of rupees. According to the film’s official synopsis, “A vehicle transporting crores of dollars. One wet evening in the outskirts of Mumbai. Unaware of one another, three roving gangs encounter one another while hunting. Unfortunately, they all have the same objective. Bloodshed… Betrayal… Each man for himself… All the hounds pursued a single bone. “Will these hounds bite the bone or succumb to their greed?”

Co-written by Aasmaan and Vishal Bhardwaj, the film was produced by Luv Ranjan, Vishal Bhardwaj, Ankur Garg, and Rekha Bhardwaj. Vishal also composed the film’s music, which features lyrics by Gulzar.

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