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Lalit Modi responds to “trolling” after photos with Sushmita Sen by saying, “Live and let live.”

Lalit Modi

Thursday, Lalit Modi shared images of himself with former Miss Universe and actor Sushmita Sen on his social media pages, surprising everyone. Sushmita acknowledged her relationship with Lalit, the former IPL chairman, and businessman, in an Instagram post on Friday, a portion of which stated, “Not married… no rings…” On Sunday, Lalit posted a lengthy statement on Instagram in which he claimed that the media was “obsessed with trolling” him since he published his most recent social media remarks.

Lalit Modi stated that he was being mocked for ‘wrong tagging’ on social media after posting old images with Sushmita, his family, and him meeting notable people such as Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama, Prince Charles of the British royal family, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, among others. He also discussed his late wife, Minal Modi, describing her as his “best friend” during their marriage. He said that people should take pleasure in others’ success. He also responded to being referred to as a “fugitive.”

Lalit began his note by asking, “Why is the media so consumed with ridiculing me for seemingly incorrectly tagging? Can someone explain – I’ve only published two photos on Instagram and tagged them correctly? I suppose we are still living in the Middle Ages if two people can’t be friends, but if the chemistry and timing are right, magic can happen…”

He also addressed the media, saying, “Write the correct news… not phony news… If you don’t already know, allow me to enlighten you: #minalmodi was my best friend for 12 years while she was married. She was not a friend of my mum. This rumor was propagated by interested interests. It’s time to abandon this #crabmentality – I hope you understand what it implies. Take pleasure in someone’s success. Or performs admirably for his nation. I am more confident than you all will ever be. Even though you term me a “fugitive,”… Identify the court that has ever convicted me. I assure you, none… Shame on you, phony media…”

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