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Mira Rajput has shared a picture of serial photobomber’ Zain Kapoor from Switzerland

Mira Rajput

Mira Rajput is in Switzerland. She posted photographs from her family vacation on Instagram, where she also introduced her and Shahid Kapoor’s kid Zain Kapoor as a serial photobomber.’

According to press sources, Shahid Kapoor, their wife Mira Rajput, and his children — daughter Misha Kapoor and son Zain Kapoor – are on vacation in Europe. Mira posted photographs from their vacation to Switzerland on Instagram on Tuesday. She posted her solo images of valleys below and lovely mountains in the distance. Her son Zain, an aerial photobomber,’ was also included in one of her images.

Mira stood with her back to the camera in her solo shots. She was seen relaxing and enjoying the scenery after a trip in one of the photos. She was dressed in a bright yellow cardigan and blue trousers, with black sunglasses and a hat. Mira’s face was obscured in another photograph because she was posing while mountain climbing. On the excursion, the mother-of-two also brought a pink backpack.

While Shahid was not included in the hiking images Mira uploaded, their son Zain did. As Mira attempted to pose on a massive stone, the youngster photobombed one of her photos. Zain, who was captured looking at Mira with his back to the camera, seemed to be holding a smartphone and taking shots of Mira. Mira did not reveal who took their picture.

Mira captioned her image, “Haseen Vaadiyan (these gorgeous valleys) #serialphotobomberisback.” “And we adore seeing glimpses of #serialphotobomber,” one of her Instagram followers said in response to her image. Another said, “Haseen (beautiful) and Canadian (valleys).”

Mira had previously released a cute candid photo of Zain on her Instagram Stories on June 17. In the shot, he is seen eating a snack at a birthday celebration, as Mira’s parents, Vikram Rajput and Bela Rajput, grin and pose with him. Mira captioned the photo: “Co-parenting the monkeys for life.”

At the awards ceremony, he paid respect to the late singer and composer Bappi Lahiri. Shahid returned to the big screen in April this year with Jersey, after his 2019 feature Kabir Singh. Bloody Daddy, directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, is his next project.

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