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Sushmita Sen discusses wedding plans and ex-friendship: ‘My marriage is inevitable’

Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen personal life frequently makes headlines. Her posts from 2023 detailing her experience of a “major heart attack” and her sporadic relationships with former Lalit Modi and Rohman Shawl are both noteworthy examples. The actor revealed in a recent interview with Indulge that her romantic life has always been “an open book.” She also discussed her upcoming wedding and whether or not ex-spouses can remain friends.

Regarding coping with heartbreaks, Sushmita

When queried about her ability to handle heartbreaks with such composure, Sushmita Sen responded, “My life has been an open book, to be sure, due to the fact that I have lived it candidly and, at times, without fear.” Having said that, dignity is not limited to a single facet of one’s existence; it is an intrinsic quality of one. Accordingly, it is inconsequential which decisions one makes, including those that result in harm, betrayal, or personal responsibility.

She further expressed that in the event of an unintended consequence, one should “appreciate that lesson and progress.” Additionally, the actor stated, “It is worthwhile to invest so much time in a person despite the fact that it may seem like an error.”

Are exes capable of remaining friends?

Concerning whether exes can remain friends and whether she will wed, Sushmita Sen responded, “Absolutely. However, I find it difficult and perplexing. Many individuals can maintain friendships with their ex-partners without establishing boundaries or knowing where to stop. Having witnessed it occur, however, it is conceivable, and I consider myself fortunate to have it in my life… Undoubtedly, (Does she intend to wed)! It has never occurred before or since (‘never’). Whether it is the correct time dictated by social conditioning or the biological schedule, neither is an acceptable reason to get married. However, I will certainly wed if the individual proves to be suitable and fulfills all of my expectations.

Sushmita Sen’s personal life

From 2004 to 2006, Sushmita Sen was in a relationship with actor Randeep Hooda. She subsequently dated model Rohman Shawl from 2018 to 2021; however, their recent public appearances have sparked speculation that the two may be reconciling. It was disclosed in July 2022 that she was in a relationship with IPL founder and businessman Lalit Modi.

During a 2023 interview with Mid-Day, Sushmita discussed her fleeting relationship with Lalit, stating that although it was “just another phase,” she found the slurs referring to her as a “gold digger” amusing. This occurred several months after Lalit’s social media posts went viral announcing his relationship with Sushmita. He distributed photographs from the joint excursions they had.

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