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Prabhas’s ‘Salaar’ grosses Rs 175 crore worldwide on its first day


On December 22, “Salaar: Part One – Ceasefire,” starring Prabhas, debuted on silver screens after months of anticipation, generating a frenzy of anticipation among fans and cinephiles. Under the direction of the esteemed Prashanth Neel, the action-packed thriller amassed an astounding Rs 175 crore worldwide on its opening day.

Worldwide box office success
‘Salaar’ became an instantaneous phenomenon upon its worldwide release, grossing an astounding Rs 175 crore on its opening day. The film’s widespread acclaim and ability to captivate viewers in numerous languages—including Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada—established its international appeal.

Domestic marvels at the box office
Equally impressive was ‘Salaar’s’ performance at the domestic box office, which surpassed Rs 135 crore on its opening day alone. Positive word-of-mouth and extensive acclaim for the film were major contributors to its phenomenal success.

Technical Insights
Domestic advance sales for ‘Salaar’ were substantial at Rs 49 crore, per industry monitoring website SacNilc. On its day of release, it is anticipated to contribute an additional 60 crore rupees to the film’s box office earnings. Together with robust online reservations totaling more than Rs 42 crore, these figures significantly contributed to the film’s exceptional opening day revenue.

The workers and star-studded cast
Prabhas plays the lead character of Deva/Salaar in the film “Salaar,” while the gifted Prithviraj Sukumaran portrays Varadaraja Mannar. Jagapathi Babu and Shruti Haasan, who play Rajamannar and Adya, respectively, lend depth and charisma to the film.

Salaar comprises two parts.
As was previously declared, ‘Salaar’ will be released in two installments. ‘Saalar: Part One – Ceasefire’ has established a solid foundation for the second installment, ‘Shauryanga Parv’, which has generated considerable anticipation among the audience.

Box office conflict
At the box office, ‘Salaar’ encountered formidable competition, most notably from Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Dinky’. However, the widespread appeal of Prabhas and the film’s engaging plot assured ‘Salaar’s’ success and cemented its position as the most successful Indian film debut of 2023.

Not only has ‘Salaar’ by Prabhas been released in theatres, but it has also become a cinematic phenomenon. The film’s impressive opening day gross of Rs 175 crore serves as evidence of both Prabhas’s celebrity power and director Prashanth Neel’s enthralling narrative prowess. With the forthcoming release of ‘Salaar: Part One – Ceasefire’, viewers can anticipate further feats of cinematic brilliance and unprecedented achievements from this massively successful film.

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