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Radhika Apte is the happiest as she goes back to work

After months away from the nation because of the COVID-19 epidemic, Bollywood actress Radhika Apte has returned to Mumbai. She has now joined the ranks of celebrities who have returned to work following COVID-19’s second wave.

She shared a joyful photo from the set of the movie on her Instagram account. Radhika is wearing a simple black t-shirt and spectacles in the photo. Her broad grin expresses her joy at the prospect of returning to shooting.

She captioned the photo, “Happy to be back on the film set #loveforfilming #happyplace,” without saying anything further about the next movie she’s working on.

Radhika had previously spent a few months in London owing to the shutdown. “I suppose the only difficult part was that I didn’t see my parents for a very long time,” Radhika told BT about her last year. Previously, one was always on the go. There was always some sort of activity going on. Last year’s pandemic-induced hiatus allowed me to reassess my priorities. I had some much-needed time to reflect about what I enjoy and dislike, what type of job I see myself doing today, and where things are headed. I could just go over everything in my life again. Work may easily become the most essential aspect of our lives.

We forget that there are other things that require our attention as well. I’ve had plenty of opportunities to rest and eat over the previous year.”

Due to the shutdown, the actress spent a few months in London, and now that she has returned to Mumbai, she has begun filming for her new project.