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Richa Chadha shoots for the teaser of her first productional venture

Richa Chadha is all ready to launch her debut project with her boyfriend Ali Fazal. The actress just began filming for the flick. As they shot the trailer for the film in Dehradun, she tweeted a photo of a clapboard that revealed the title of their film, ‘Girls Will Be Girls.’

‘Ssssssecrtttt  In Dehradun, the pair recently shot the trailer for the film. Shuchi Talati will direct the film.

The film is set at a boarding school in a tiny Himalayan village and will purportedly question sexual taboos. It depicts the tale of Mira, an adolescent who has a complicated connection with her mother.

Ali previously told a news outlet that this is the first time Richa and he has collaborated on a film as producers, and the experience has been quite gratifying so far. This is their first film, therefore it has a special place in their hearts. He also expressed his delight at the prospect of their studio entering the market with a progressive, female-driven tale.

Richa revealed some details about the film, saying that Shuchi’s reality is realistic, frequently brutal, but never hopeless or nihilistic. Its genuine discomfort, she claims, will make you laugh rather than cry. It’s full of realistic, real-life incidents that are weirdly satirical.

She went on to say that the mother in their narrative avoids the self-sacrificing cliché of the traditional Indian mother by being complex, grey, and not a martyr. The mother-daughter relationship is so under-represented in Indian and international film that the possibilities that ‘Girls Will Be Girls’ provides are quite intriguing.

Ali and Richa have been dating for quite some time and are planning to marry shortly.