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Salman Khan, Aayush Sharma in Pune for Antim Promotion

Antim: The Final Truth holds a particular place in Aayush Sharma’s heart. For his part, the actor underwent a significant metamorphosis. For the film’s climactic sequence, he even ran 33 kilometers on the streets of Pune. In the film, directed by Mahesh Manjrekar, Aayush will go off against his brother-in-law, Salman Khan.


Antim, directed by Aayush Sharma, will be released in theatres on November 26. The actor went above and above to bring his character, Rahuliya, to life in the film. Aayush ran a distance of over 33 kilometers in the film’s climactic pursuit scenario, which took 5-6 hours to film. Pune was the location for the filming.

Aayush Sharma talked about his character Rahuliya and thanked Antim team. He said, “First of all was the physical transformation, I needed to look like somebody who can be a strong character on the screen. I wanted to keep him very believable. A gangster in real life might just be looking like a common man, it is just that he has to have the power to pull the trigger. Antim is a film that has taught me a lot, it helped me grow as an actor, it helped me grow as a human being. Thanks to Mahesh sir, Salman Khan Bhai, it’s a very special feeling. When the film started, I never thought I’ll be able to execute Rahuliya. When the film ended, I didn’t know how to not be Rahuliya.”