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Salman Khan pays a visit to Sabarmati Ashram For Antim

Salman Khan’s recent film, Antim: The Final Truth, has been well received by his fans, and the film has received several good reviews since its release. With its adrenaline-packed action sequences, the film and Salman have captured the hearts of the audience. Salman Khan paid a visit to the world-famous Sabarmati Ashram and spent the day with his followers. As he stood for the camera, the actor can be seen trying his hand at the Charkha and scribbling something down.

‘Antim,’ the most important action film of 2021, has been amassing massive box office figures and had a thundering launch on Friday, November 26. The film’s incredible run at the box office continued with a total of 24.11 million dollars earned globally.

Salman Khan visited Gujarat for Antim’s campaign and then the Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad. From 1917 through 1930, the father of the country, Mohandas Gandhi, lived in Sabarmati Ashram, also known as Harijan Ashram.

It was also one of the most important centers of the Indian independence fight. Along with Salman Khan, Mahesh Manjrekar, the film director, paid a visit to the location. Mahesh is claimed to have just beaten cancer.

Salman, who was in a green T-shirt and jeans had spun some khadi on the wheel. Khan also signed the visitor’s book and was given a memento of the spinning wheel and a book on Gandhi.

Salman seems ecstatic to be seeing some of the country’s most renowned and historically significant locations. Returning to Antim’s box office performance, trade analyst Taran Adarsh published the film’s three-day earnings on Twitter, writing, “Antim goes from strength to strength with each passing day.” The fact that it grew on Days 2 and 3 implies that it has gained acceptance (sic).”