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Selective! Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s better half Aaliya moves to his Kasara farmhouse; says, “I’m expecting him here, soon”

Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s better half Aaliya Nawaz waving the white banner in their conjugal battle is bearing further natural product. After Nawaz caring for the children at his Lucknow shoot a month ago, SeetaGeeta currently has it that the children are back-not in Mumbai but rather Kasara. “My little girl Shora, child Yaani and I are at Nawaz’s farmhouse in Kasara,” Aaliya, when reached, advised us cheerfully.

Aaliya further uncovered that Nawaz is relied upon to go along with them in the following 5-6 days. “I’m expecting him here, soon. He is probably going to go along with us at the farmhouse on April 5.”

So how has everything worked out additional that she has stopped herself in Kasara, that too at Nawaz’ farmhouse? “In any case, I emphasize that we chose to set our inner selves to the side and contemplate the government assistance of Shora and Yaani. Our little girl specifically, as I had referenced in one of my new discussions with SeetaGeeta , is near her dad. She has now disclosed to me that she is enchanted that all’s well that finishes well.”

The story goes that Yaani and Shora who were with Nawaz at his shoot in Lucknow were brought to Mumbai by Nawaz himself, a couple of days back. From the Mumbai air terminal, Nawaz’s sibling Shamas drove them to Kasara. “I had come to Kasara before the children came here. As I was in contact with Nawaz on the telephone, I realized that he was accompanying the children. As Coronavirus is on the upsurge again and the subsequent wave appears to be insane, Nawaz and I concluded that we three will be more secure at our Kasara farmhouse instead of in the hustle-clamor of Mumbai,” Aaliya added.