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Shehnaaz Gill Blasts Netizens For Trolling Her Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan Performance

Shehnaaz Gill

Since the internet spread the news that Shehnaaz Gill was going to make her Bollywood debut in Salman Khan’s movie Kisi Ka Bhai Kiki Ki Jaan, her fans have been overjoyed. But the star didn’t do what was expected of her. While her friends were upset, people on the Internet made fun of her acting in a cruel way. And joked that the movie didn’t have any of the excitement that was shown in the ads. Now, though, the star has given the trolls a good answer in her own way.

Shehnaaz Gill became famous because of Salman’s reality show Bigg Boss 13. For its projects, she has worked a lot on herself, especially on her language, style, and body. She worked hard, which is why she is here with us now. But people on the internet keep an eye on her and do everything they can to troll her for many different reasons.

Shehnaaz usually doesn’t pay much attention to haters or arguments, but she did this time.

Shehnaaz Gill gets trolled for acting like a kid and sometimes acting too much, but she doesn’t pay them much mind. She was also teased about how she played roles. Shenaaz talked about her skills and how she is working on herself in a recent conversation.

Shehnaaz Gill talked to Bombay Times about how the business isn’t kind to everyone and how people go into it to work. “Industry open nahi hoti, open karni padti,” she remarked. You have to work on yourself, you have to change. Nothing is easy for me, I have to work hard for everything.”

She talked about her workshop by saying, “I’ve joined the workshop, and just as you can see how my style is changing, you’ll see how my acting is changing tomorrow.”

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