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Shilpa Shetty greets Shamita upon her return from the Bigg Boss OTT.

Shilpa Shetty greeted Shamita Shetty as she returned home from the Bigg Boss house. Shamita Shetty took part in the Bigg Boss OTT reality program. She was the show’s second runner-up.


When Shamita was in the Bigg Boss house, Shilpa supported her. Even her admirers were pushed to vote for her sister, according to the actress. Shilpa may be seen kissing Shamita on the cheeks in the photos she released today. “And my Tunki is back yaaay,” she added. you’re not going to be able to wriggle out of this tight SQUEEZE.

Shilpa went to Instagram after the Bigg Boss OTT finale to share a touching video of Shamita’s memories from the Bigg Boss house. Shamita is already the winner for her, according to the actress. “My Trunki is in the Top 5, and I’m such a proud sister,” she added. Her honesty and decency during this trip inside the #BiggBoss home fill me with pride, and I’m overjoyed to see her blossom. My sweetheart, you are already MY winner. #InstaFam, I hope you all make her the BIGG BOSS winner. Let’s make it happen, #ShamitasTribe!

Bigg Boss OTT winner Divya Agarwal was revealed. The first runner-up was Nishant Bhat, while the second runner-up was Shamita Shetty. In the Bigg Boss house, Divya and Shamita did not get along. Raqesh Bapat and Divya have established a strong relationship. Shamita Shetty, on the other hand, did not approve of her connection with Raqesh, which frequently made headlines for all the wrong reasons. In the episode, Shamita and Raqesh liked each other.