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Shivangi Joshi aka Naira and her mother on the new series ‘Dear Mom’

TV’s darling Shivangi Joshi goes along with us for the extra experience of our cast new rotation ‘Dear Mom’ with her mom Yashoda Joshi. The team in an EXCLUSIVE straightforward and influencing chatter uncovers about the battles the two of them persevered through quiet as pariahs in the business, full of feeling urban areas, the second back they understood they had achieved something, achievement and the native trailing sensation of disappointment.Shivangi’s mom about the battles she looked to achieve standing Shivangi will pursue her fantasies.

To this, Sr. Joshi said, “It wasn’t so troublesome totally on the grounds that my bedmate is genuine strong. At the point when we saw that Shivangi money to do article and had a friendship for acting, he advised us to pursue the fantasies. My additional two children were totally juvenile again however they oversaw themselves after me. Shivangi and I came to Mumbai and both oversaw everything, except the associated projection from progenitors encouraged us through. Nobody abroad upheld, yet the predecessors remained by the fantasies.”