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Sona Mohapatra stunned Twitter with her question, “What is Shehnaaz Gill’s talent?”

Sona Mohapatra

Sona Mohapatra is really dissatisfied with Shehnaaz Gill. The singer criticized Shehnaaz in a series of tweets after fans appreciated her “act of respect” during an award event. Shehnaaz was about to sing when she heard the azan call to prayer. She chose to postpone the performance. Even while the audience appreciated the gesture, it did not impress Sona Mohapatra. In her message, the singer discussed Shehnaaz’s support for Bigg Boss 16 participant and #MeToo accuser Sajid Khan. Back then, Shehnaaz sent the director a video message wishing him luck with the play. “Meri support aapke sath hai. All the best! Brother, you rock! [I will support you, brother] “Please continue to entertain us and refrain from fighting,” she can be heard asking in a Twitter-shared clip. All the Twitter admiration for Shehnaaz Gill’s act of ‘respect’ today reminded me of her’support,”reverence,’ and ‘deification’ of multiple-accused sex offender and pervert Sajid Khan at his presentation on national television, as Sona Mohapatra pointed out, referring to Shehnaaz’s video. I wish she respected her sisterhood.” The singer added the hashtag “#MeToo” Sona Mohapatra shared her #MeToo tale in 2018, at the height of the movement in India. She accused playback vocalist Kailash Kher and composer Anu Malik of sexual misbehaviour at the time.

Sona Mohapatra also sent a response to those who were teasing her over the Shehnaaz Gill remarks. The singer stated that she does not know “what Shehnaz’s ability is apart from her lowbrow reality TV fame.” She tweeted, “Dear trolls defending yet another starlet like Jacqueline, I don’t know what Shehnaz’s unique gift outside lowbrow reality stardom is.” “But I am familiar with the modus operandi of ladies of convenience, who take shortcuts in exchange for a role/money.”

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