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This Bollywood actor will play the bad guy in SSMB 28, which stars Mahesh Babu. What do we know?

Mahesh Babu

After Athadu and Khaleja, Mahesh Babu and director Trivikram Srinivas are working together again. Their third movie, which they are calling SSMB 28 for now, has gotten a lot of attention on social media since it was announced. It will come out on January 13, 2024, and Mahesh’s fans are already very excited. A new piece of news will make them even more excited.

Reports say that Trivikram wants the star John Abraham to play the bad guy in his next movie. It’s because the director wants SSMB 28 to be shown all over India. If John is willing to play the bad guy in this movie, the director will be able to put it out in Hindi as well. The movie will come out in Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Telugu. People on social media will be waiting to see if John approves of the movie or not.

The reported fight between Trivikram and Mahesh has also kept SSMB 28 at the top of the news. It was said that Mahesh Babu wanted to change the script and even wanted to re-shoot some parts. But the producer of SSMB 28, Naga Vamsi, said that these reports were not true. He said in a tweet that the industry could benefit if the people who spread stories could also direct films the way they spread rumours. The movie’s director wrote on Twitter that the team wants SSMB 28 to be a sure-fire hit, and the public can take them at their word. Vamsi asked the crowd to leave them alone and let them work at their own pace. He told everyone that SSMB 28 will come out in January 2024. Vamsi said in a tweet that people should wait until May 31 to see what they’ve made.

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