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Tovino Thomas and Basil Joseph tease a sequel to Minnal Murali.

In an interview with SeetaGeeta, Tovino Thomas and director Basil Joseph discussed the Minnal Murali sequel. The film is available on Netflix.

Tovino Thomas, who is now enjoying the success of his debut superhero flick Minnal Murali, has hinted at a sequel. The film, which also stars Guru Somasundaram as the antagonist, has received a positive reception from critics and spectators alike. Minnal Murali, directed by Basil Joseph, was released on Netflix in many languages on December 24.


Minnal Murali has received great feedback from both reviewers and audiences. Tovino Thomas and Guru Somasundaram play the key characters in the superhero origin story.

Director Basil Joseph and actress Tovino Thomas discussed the Minnal Murali sequel in an interview with SeetaGeeta, “We have an interesting concept ready,” Tovino remarked, “which Basil presented with me throughout the session.” So, let’s see how things proceed.” In addition, director Basil said, “It all relies on the reception and comments we get for the film.”

Tovino said when asked about the wonderful feedback they’ve received, “It feels amazing, and we are proud of ourselves. We represent the Malayalam cinema industry, and a favorable reception to our film means a lot to us.”

The film’s director, Basil, who has been working on it for more than three years, stated, “We are overjoyed that people are sharing positive answers, feedback, and reviews across all social media platforms, handles, and accounts. It’s as though we’ve been working on this project for years. We have invested a great deal of time, effort, and patience in putting this out in the midst of the epidemic, as well as due to industry and financial constraints. So it’s a collection of technologists and artists that got together to do something they were passionate about. We honestly wanted to create something worthwhile. It’s a pay-off situation.”

Minnal Murali is available in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Kannada on Netflix.